Keeping Fit

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Fun fact: I was never very sporty in school, I unashamedly preferred the solace of the latest Harry Potter or doodling on my homework… It is only recently that have I become more aware of my health and how vital is it to have an active lifestyle! Rather late than never, right?

That being said, I was lucky enough to be blessed with a high metabolism, and truth be told it’s made me lazy. Yes I admit it, LAZY! To make matters worse I have the shortest attention span when it comes to fitness regimes, I’m what you would call a “tryer”. You know, the girl that starts off with fire under her heels for her first class and then mysteriously disappears?

Yup, that’s me. So, I recently decided that it was high time that I tried something new: something I could do in my own time that was quick, cheap and excuse proof and I think I may have found my solution! I am now the proud owner of a weighted skipping rope.  Yes a skipping rope: a reasonably priced peice of gym equipment that can undoubtedly take your workout to the next level. I mean, have you even seen Rocky? That guy was crazy fit and boy could he skip!

So where did I get this bright idea? Not Rocky. Inspiration struck, as it does, while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed at lunch, as you do, when I stumbled across a workout from one of my favourite fitness gurus, Kayla Itsines. She is truly an inspiration and is my go to girl to find workouts that are challenging and versatile enough to keep me hooked but practical enough to do from the comfort of your home!

She takes you through a seemingly quick and simple, heart racing workout  guaranteed to get you sweating, all with one simple tool! Before you dismiss skipping as child’s play, take a look at her workout and see if you can get through it! It’s amazing what that teeny bit of weight in those handles can do and trust me, it’s not as easy as you thought to get back into the perfect rythmn that your eight your old self had mastered!


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