Tiny Hacks Make a Big Difference

Sometimes the clothes at GAP Kids are too flashy - Angela Martin. petiteprofessional.com
– Angela Martin, The Office

Most people seem to think that “petite” means a typically type A small, short and slender woman. However “petite” refers only to height and petite women come in all shapes and sizes, making it more difficult than it seems to find clothes suitable for the shorter frame, especially when it comes to the workplace! Many petite women struggle to find appropriate and affordable clothes but  you don’t need to go to extremes to get the perfect outfit for your workday. Don’t be like Angela! It’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference. In that vain, here are a couple of simple tips to make your clothes work for YOU;


1.       The Fit

So this one seems like a no brainer but it is beyond vital to make sure that your clothes fit properly. There is nothing worse on this earth than having to constantly adjust your outfit throughout the day. Comfort is the key to being your happiest, most confident self and there is nothing more beautiful than a women who believes in herself, so make sure you find the perfect fit for YOU!


2.       Less is More

Delicate figures deserve less bulk so choose key pieces for your outfit that enhance your frame rather than drown it. That goes for patterns too: the larger the pattern, the more overwhelming it will seem against your delicate features! Smaller, gentler patterns are more flattering and don’t forget to opt for vertical lines to elongate that gorgeous physique.


3.       Be Accessor-Wise

While it may seem impossible to resist buying the perfect oversized bag in the store window, try stick to the ever fashionable clutch or over the shoulder bag, they will appear much more elegant at your side. Similarly, avoid bulky jewellery and belts that will make you look stuanchier than you truly are. Invest in narrow belts and thin silver or gold necklaces and studs to compliment your look while preserving your gentle figure.


4.       Know Your Limits

Everyone knows that a stilettoed heel is a quick and easy way to make you seem taller, but not all of us are that way inclined.  If you (like me) struggle with stilettos try a shoe or boot with a thick sturdy heel, otherwise an open or pointed shoe (heel or not) will also do the trick. Another neat trick to make your legs look like they go on for miles is to pair bare legs or tan pants with a nude shoe or plain, light sandals. This will extend your legs and give the illusion of added height.


5.       Skinny & Crop rules

Skinnies are made for us petite bombshells! Try variations with large pockets (smaller pockets will make your assets look bigger, if you’re like me and need the extra curves), embellishments like ripped sections and cuffed ankles. Cuffs will give you a chance to flash a little extra leg and show off those delicate ankles of yours! This tip works for arms and wrists too, opting for a three quarter shirt will cover the wobbly bits of upper arms and place emphasis on delicate wrists.


6.       Monochrome

Believe it or not, wearing an entire outfit of the same colour is a sure-fire way to lengthen your frame! Although black is probably the most slimming colour to go for, this technique will work for most colours (if you are weary of going all black).


7.       V Necks are your best friend

V – and scooped necks are perfect for petite women as they elongate your beautiful neck, show off your delicate collar bones and allow for a little cleavage.

Bearing in mind that petite means many different shapes and sizes, the tips in this article are presented as a guideline and will probably not suit every petite bombshell. So get experimenting with your unique frame! Hopefully these tips will guide you in the right direction and make any future shopping a breeze!